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International business? For french and foreign companies, Akuit umbrella company is the right answer with high opportunities and low risks.

International business : High opportunities, low risks

Each contract matches a specific step in your business development strategy. Each step is a limited commitment. Success leads to the next contract until a suitable structure is implemented as business requires.


You are a foreign company

French employment made simple. You select the consultants of your choice by signing a single commercial contract with Akuit. We manage all aspects of employment as well as payroll. You are certain of your compliance with French labour law.

Focus on business development. From the initial leads to developing business and the set-up of a subsidiary, Akuit offers an overall solution to HR management, supporting you every step of the way.

Consultants keep their bearings. Consultants benefit from their usual social security and pension rights as well as welfare and health care insurance for themselves and their families. They are able to optimize their salaries and pension plans.

You are a french company

Doing business abroad? Free yourselves from managing posted workers. Akuit offers an overall solution to HR management every step of the way.

Consultants feel confident and protected. Health, pension rights, and unemployment benefits remain guaranteed in France. Consultants benefit from Europ Assistance insurance covering repatriation, legal aid, quality local healthcare, and more.

Using an umbrella company is a perfect solution for the employee’s partner. It helps improve local employability which is often the deciding factor for expatriation.


International Business : The right answer

One simple commercial contract

French law made simple

Certified Compliance

Seamless Digital workflows

Invoicing in local currency

English speaking team

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